Guess Who Is Sleeping Alone Again Tonight?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to let you all know that last night’s experiment in sleeping in separate beds went great! I got an uninterrupted night of sleep and woke up this morning feeling rested. It was glorious. I’m about to get ready for night number 2.

I have to admit that this isn’t the first time we’ve slept alone. In fact, the idea started brewing last week. Last week was one of the more dramatic weeks in our married life. You know those weeks where you can’t seem to agree on anything and even the sound of your spouse’s breathing annoys you? Maybe some of you don’t have those weeks in your marriage, but we do. And it was one of those. It resulted in a huge fight over something extremely trivial.

Whenever I am really mad and I was, I sentence Yancy to the couch. At first glance, this might look like a punishment, but it’s not. Really, it’s for his own safety. I say this only half jokingly. However, if I’m mad and we sleep in the same bed I end up laying there fuming the entire night. I don’t get any sleep. For some reason if he’s not there I can fall asleep.

Needless to say, we had a few of those nights last week. Each morning I woke up with the realization that I had slept well and how unusual it had gotten to feel this way. But we made our peace with each other which meant we were back in the same bed that night. And as I said yesterday, I ended up punching him in the face.

So, enough is enough. And here we are. I’m a scientist at heart and there’s a huge part of me that is fascinated by this experiment.

What kind of effect will this have on our relationship? How will being rested change the other parts of our life? Is Gus going to start asking questions about our arrangements? Will people’s perception of our relationship change? How will this broaden our thinking in other areas of what we define as marriage? Are we defining what it means to be married or simply following the rules of others? Where do these rules about marriage even come from?

Stay tuned…

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