Can You Guess What I’m Reading This Week?

If you don’t know it by now I am kind of a nerd. I LOVE to read. I’ve been on a mission most of my life to prove that women can be smart and hot all at the same time. The two things can co-exist. Not that reading necessarily makes you smart because there’s some books that I think may actually make you lose IQ points as you read. In fact, I’m pretty sure the book I bought on Saturday is making me dumber with each page I turn.  I’m reading this:

I’ve been reading reviews and blogs about Fifty Shades of Grey for the last month. How could I not with everybody calling it mommy porn? There’s women that swear it’s given them the libido of a 14 year old teenage boy!

I’m the type of person who doesn’t ever just take someone else’s word for something. I always do my own research. It’s part of the reason I’m reading Badinter’s The Conflict right now too (side note: The dialogue going on in relation to this book is much more interesting than the book itself. I’ll let you know all my thoughts on The Conflict when I’m finished). It’s the same reason that whenever someone quotes information from a study I track down the original study.

So, I decided to see for myself what all the hype is about. I’m over 200 pages into it and I’m still trying to figure it out. And I’m not 200 pages into it because it’s so good. I’m just a fast reader. First of all, it’s horribly written. I was expecting it to be bad just not this bad. I couldn’t just skip to the pictures of the good stuff.  I had to read 90 pages until the first kiss happened.  And now the book has become sex and emails. And I am bored. My libido is still at the same flat line that it was before I started. Maybe mommy porn just isn’t my thing.

I’m sure Yancy will be disappointed. He’s the one who spotted the book while we were at Barnes N’ Noble. We had a pretty heated discussion about it last week after I told him Dr. Drew expressed concern over women indulging in what he labeled a rape fantasy within the book. Clearly, Dr. Drew has not seen all the porn on the Internet that millions of men turn to each night. Apparently, men can engage in all of the pornography they would like, but when women decide to indulge suddenly people are concerned about our well being. Anyway, that’s an entirely different post. Regardless, Yancy was pretty excited his wife was bringing home mommy porn.

Notice he’s the one holding the book.  I thumbed through it and then began walking away.

“Hey- aren’t you gonna get this?” He asked. I’m sure he was just as interested in the research side of things as I was.

I bought it. I also bought this book at the same time.


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10 Responses to Can You Guess What I’m Reading This Week?

  1. Danielle says:


    Your’e apparently not the only one :) looking this up in amazon showed that either people love the book or they hate it, and the reviews are less than stellar:

    I don’t know why it’s mommy porn specifically. I read erotic literature, including some light BDSM, and never saw or heard that it’s specifically for mommies.

    • I never had kids. I’m far from a “mommy” although I am honored having daughter and son/friends. Keep on reading that book. (Enjoy the Dinasaur book too!)
      I think her editors and agent helped her with the next two books. The plot gets exciting even without the porn, punctuated by many heart throbbing intense sexual adventures.
      For women who are always giving, giving, giving, the fantasy of being overly taken care of with a man who sexually knows what he’s doing (and loves doing it) is exciting. The bondage thing in book 1 doesn’t last that long. The intense “vanilla sex” scenes are amazingly fun. (sigh)
      It’s a testimony to how much money has been made in the “rip the bodice off” fictional books with Fabio-like hunks on the cover.
      It’s a not so great written trilogy and takes you away from the ordinary stresses of life.
      I didn’t want to buy this. I just ordered book three to my Kindle flame because of how book two ended.
      By the way, I’ll be 70!

      • Mommy Psychologist says:

        I’m glad someone helped her with the next two books:) I think you’re right in your assessment of what attracts women to it. I laughed at your Fabio comment. I live in L.A and Fabio works out at the same gym that I do. He keeps his hair down for his entire workout. And I just can’t take him seriously. Every time I look in his direction I just start giggling because all I can think of are those covers!

    • Mommy Psychologist says:

      Thanks for the link, Danielle. I think they started calling it mommy porn because initially lots of mommy book clubs were reading it in secret. Someone called it mommy porn and it stuck. Did you know that Glass signed a movie deal for all three books? This might be the one occasion where the movie is actually better than the book:)

  2. Rach says:

    Why do we have to cuteify erotica and call it “mommy porn”? Why can’t women read erotica (or others in a similar genre)? What’s wrong with female sexuality and why are so many folks threatened by mommies having libidos? Just sayin’…

    I’ve truly had no interest in the book. My guilty pleasure reads are romance novels written by intelligent women (not merely Harlequins), and I’ve read some romantica/erotica. I know that BDSM doesn’t float my boat so didn’t bother with this.

    As a fifth grade teacher, I decided I had better see what all the hubub was about when “Twilight” and it’s siblings were first making a splash. I honestly couldn’t get past the first few chapters I found the writing so terrible. It is rare I don’t finish a book, but I truly couldn’t bring myself to finish that one. And yet, there are SO many folks out there who just can’t get enough of them. It’s all about whatever floats your boat, huh?

  3. I totally noticed that Yancy was holding the book before you mentioned it! :)

  4. playsexlove says:

    I completely agree with you! I’m relieved I wasn’t the only one. I wrote a review too: I’m with you, the horrible writing was the true unbearable part.

  5. Beauty says:

    I was so disappointed at these books. I was ready to read about a book that empowers women sexuality. Unfortunately, I was surprise in how the story glorifies an abusive relationship. It wasn’t the sex that bother me. It was how he manipulate, control, stalk, hurt and control Ana. He would tell her that she was in control but in reality he had all the power. Christian is a psycho and not a romantic hero. I don’t understand why many women want their own “Christian” as a partner. That is really scary. I think these books are popular because society don’t take emotional and physical abuse seriously. In these country 1 out of 4 women suffer from domestic violence. As a domestic violence survior I know exactly how it feels to live with a man like “Christian”. Its a nightmare. Yes a nightmare that I survive. DV should never be accepted or overlooked in books!

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